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POSitive Retail Manager

POSitive Retail Manager is a feature rich and easy to use point-of-sale system using Microsoft’s SQL technology. This approach allows POSitive Retail Manager to integrate and function with many common third-party programs, including Crystal Reports. The software allows you to track customers and inventory, write purchase orders and invoices, create Accounts Receivable statements and keep track of your Accounts Payable. It will even allow you to manage your online web store from within the software!

POSitive Retail Manager was developed to help save your business time, and to streamline your processes.

Here are some of the features that PRM includes:

• Built in Touch Screen support, including a full-featured Touch Screen editor
• Advanced Search to quickly find customers and inventory for invoicing
• Category Defaults uniquely allow you to enter new inventory faster than traditional POS systems
• Store Divisions allow you to further refine your sales reports for increased management control
• Multiple Export options are buillt in for use in other applications
• Quick Training for Employees. Your Staff can be trained within minutes to create an order and take payment.
• POSitive is scalable. It can grow as your business needs demand, including Multi-Store functionality and access from a central location.
• Custom Reports. You are not limited to the reports that exist in POSitive. Using Crystal Reports you can create customized reports to fit your needs and business model.
• E-commerce Solutions. Sign up for POSitive Commerce and control your entire web site from within POSitive Retail Manager.

Ease of Use and Security

PRM includes three different Register interfaces, and employs a fully customizable Touch Screen. Easily train your Employees within minutes to begin making sale. Limit employee access with built in Security settings and rest assured knowing that all Customer credit card information is fully encrypted to meet Visa security standards.

Customer Management

Access your customer information quickly. Choose to search by account number, phone number or customer name. Assign automatic discounts to customers or unique pricing levels to their account. Keep track of customer purchases for use in future loyalty or marketing programs.

Track and Manage Inventory

POSitive supports an unlimited number of inventory items. Track and manage everything from traditional inventory items to intangible items like services and labor.

Built-in Reports

Stay up to date with what is really happening in your store with built in reports. Compare sales by month and year, view customer trends and analyze cost fluctuations in labor and costs of goods sold. Know at a glance how profitable your store is.

Custom Label Printing

Design and label your inventory quickly with the built in label designer. Create barcode labels of all sizes on your existing printer.

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