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One of the most effective ways to increase your sales is to accept every form of payment from your customers.

Did you know that you could now be accepting checks from your customers with no associated risk? Our check processing program not only makes check acceptance more convenient, but risk-free as well, even for out of state checks. Our service turns an ordinary paper check into an electronic transaction (like a credit card) and you are guaranteed to receive the funds, even if the check bounces. No more NSF fees, no more embarrassing calls to your customer, no more lost money, no more lost sales, and no more running to the bank with your checks. All of this is accomplished through EZ Check at the same low rates we offer on your credit card processing, thus turning paper checks into credit cards. The EZ Check application is separate from your merchant application, and only takes about 5 minutes to complete. You can be approved in minutes and be processing checks by tomorrow.

Choose one of our check services below for more details.

POS Check Conversion and Guarantee

(Eliminate Bad Checks and Trips to the Bank)


Check Fraud has become rampant, so what if your business never had to deal with a bounced check again? With Point of Sale Check Conversion with Discount Payment Systems, your customer check is as good as cash in the bank!

Now you have the flexibility to take personal or business checks with the convenience and simplicity of a credit card transaction. You can now quickly verify the standing of your customer’s account in addition to confirming their identity. Simply stated, with this powerful system you can stop fraudulent transactions from affecting your business and your bottom line.

Point-of-Sale Electronic Check Conversion:

Discount Payment Services Point of Sale Check Conversion System allows you to quickly convert a paper check to an electronic check using your point of sale system using a check imager. Simply scan your customer’s check and receive instant authorization.

Key Benefits of Electronic Check Processing:

• Quickly convert a traditional paper check into an electronic check
• Real-time verification of account status and customer identity
• Faster funds availability
• Integrates with your Point of Sale Software
• Deposit checks as they come in or in batches
• Save multiple trips to the bank
• Get real-time account status and identity verification

Check by Phone / Virtual Check / ACH

(Take one-time or recurring transactions without needing a physical check)


Businesses use checks, and the necessity to receive them is a crucial part of most company’s cash flow. Multiple payment options, including check acceptance, helps improve customer satisfaction, thus increasing your bottom line. Sage Virtual Check by Discount Payment Services permits business owners to process authorized ACH debits of a customer’s checking account. Merchants can choose to set the ACH debit us as a one-time charge, or may choose to establish it as a recurring debit. In Either case, the check information is entered via our online Virtual Terminal. You don’t even have to take the check to the bank!


• Easy and Fast Setup
• Fast deposit of Funds
• No more trips to the bank
• Works with your existing system
• Automated recurring billing included
• Less expensive to process than credit cards
• Convenient 24-hour access to online reporting

Recurring Billing

The Virtual Check/ACH system is well suited for businesses who’s model requires recurring customer billing. Choose the recurring billing cycle and easily schedule debits to take place using the Virtual Terminal. Each time the selected period has completed, the transaction will take place automatically as scheduled. Now you can give customers the convenience of automatic payments, and do away with the hassle of manual billing.

A Simple Solution

Using the Sage Virtual Terminal is easy. Simply enter the customer check information right within the online terminal. No additional hardware or software is needed! The Virtual Terminal is a free web-based and is an extremely strong, secure, reliable, cost-effective solution that is accessible 24/7. You even have a handful of reporting features that can exported out in various formats including PDF, Excel and XPS, giving you complete control over your data. Funds are available within 3 business days and you and your customers can rest assured that their information is safe and secure.

Check 21

(Accept checks electronically over the phone or in person)


Check 21 is a federal law aimed at allowing banks to more efficiently process checks electronically.  Until recently, a bank that received a check has been required to physically present to the check to the bank upon which it is drawn in order to receive payment. This process is extremely costly and very inefficient. As a result, Check 21 became effective on October 28, 2004.

How does Check 21 make check processing more efficient?

In place of transporting the check from one bank to another for payment, Check 21 allows banks to process checks electronically. Checks may now be scanned, or “imaged” on the front and back and this information can be sent electronically to the corresponding bank. The imaged check can also be used to create a “substitute check” in cases where a physical copy is requested. With lower handling costs the banks become more efficient and your transactions can be processed faster and more securely than ever before.

Is it safe?

The financial industry has long used a similar method for processing checks electronically. It is a safe and reliable method for processing check payments and uses technology that has been developed and tested to process your check information securely.

If you would like one of our payment consultants to help you find the right product and service, or for a customized rate quote, Click Here or call us.

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