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Get a low credit card processing rate and local 24/7 personalized customer service all in one place.


DPS is Trusted by 2500+ Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in the Valley!

Why DPS for Credit Card Processing?

1Unbeatable Pricing

In order to understand merchant card processing, we have to start at the beginning with the big boys. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express all charge a unique baseline rate that you pay when their card is used by a customer. All Merchant Service providers add their processing costs to that rate, but unlike most companies, which add additional junk fees and surcharges, we cut out all the nonsense fees. So, your final processing rate is easy to calculate and saves you money! 

2Quality Products

Ever feel like the only thing you are getting from your current credit card processor is a monthly statement showing you how much money it cost you to take credit cards for the month.? Do you wish just once, the service from your credit card processor equaled the money you pay for it? We at Discount Payment Services understand the importance of finding the right merchant service provider for your business. We know that price, quality and service are factors that go into choosing a merchant services provider. That’s why we at Discount Payment Services are dedicated to making each customer our highest priority with our unbeatable pricing, commitment to quality products and unequaled 24/7 personal support. To our clients, DPS is not just a familiar name, it is a trusted one.

324/7 Local Support

It's extremely frustrating for your business when your payment system goes down. Most payment processors offer 24 hour support, but it's most likely in a remote call center. So, what if you need local support right now? Local customer service and support is a point of pride at Discount Payment Services. Our staff of attentive, knowledgeable, and courteous customer service representatives will quickly answer your questions and get you back up and running.

4Personal Commitment

Discount Payment Services is a small business. What that means for you is that in place of an account number, we know your name and are familiar with your merchant needs. We are more interested in a long term business relationship with you and your company than in a quick sale. That commitment and personal accountability has allowed us to maintain our customer base and continue to steadily grow in the valley. We will always put your first and give you our best effort.

5An Arizona Company

DPS was started in Arizona, to serve the needs of Arizona small businesses. We understand the impact that local ownership has on our community. We employ local citizens and work to recycle local revenues back into our immediate economy. 

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